Implement these six simple steps for an authentic day

Drink Water

Upon waking drink a glass of room temperature water with a lemon wedge to replenish your mucous membranes and rehydrate your cells. Take a moment to be mindful. Step outside or look outside while reflecting on gratitude.

Electronically Connect

Spend a short time connecting with people in your life you value. Text a loved one. Answer top priority emails to get the ball rolling for your day. Like a few posts on Facebook and offer succinct and sincere encouragement.

Then, get off your electronic devices!!

Start your morning routine. Shower, Coffee, Breakfast. Pack your meals for the day.


This is so important. For so many reasons. Exercise grounds you for solid decision making. It connects you with your body. It reduces stress hormones. It suppresses appetite so you can make better nutritional decisions post workout. Find a fitness style that works for you and be consistent.

Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day

Set goals for your day. Understand your limitations. If you set too many then you’ll end up a little stressed and anxious. Realistically, you can only productively accomplish 2-3 large tasks a day. Make sure those are priority and then transition back into your regular energy flow. The most rewarding things in life are not built in a day. Relationships, Careers, Weight loss, etc.

Settle in and enjoy the journey.

Replace judgement with curiosity

Seek to understand things unfamiliar to you such as cultures, opinions, and beliefs. By improving your understanding you can communicate more effectively with others and build more authentic relationships.


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