Four Intuitive Steps for Improving Your Training

Make your training your own. Follow your unique flow. 

-Don’t feel pressured to do every workout ‘as written.’ Think of every workout as more of a guide. The longer you fitness the better you will get at isolating your weaknesses and targeting those while also celebrating your own strengths and success.

“I stopped timing my workouts years ago. I don’t record times in a personal log. Ever. Sometimes they are written on the board by someone else, but I don’t fill my personal thoughts with it. Not focusing on competition helps me stay present and prevents me from fueling a superficial ego, or judging myself when I’m not performing at my best.”

Eat intuitively.

-Slow down and be present prior to eating. Understand your emotions before you tackle a plate of food. Are you eating to fuel your body, or are you eating to fill an emotional void?

“Don’t deprive or harshly judge yourself for eating calorically empty foods, but rather start to build awareness around it. It’s a process. Nutritional changes aren’t made in a day and you will never be perfect. If you practice mindful eating, over time you will feel your intuition directing you closer to what you need.” 

Stop looking for love,  and just be love.

-The love and acceptance you crave from others you must first give to yourself. Then, you must give it away without expectation of a return on your investment.

“Be genuine with your compliments and gracious while receiving a compliment. People  are intuitive and can tell when you’re placating them with a compliment or response. No response is better than an empty one. Be thoughtful.” 

Have confidence in your self knowledge.

-You know more than you think you do about fitness and nutrition. What you don’t know I encourage you to research the answers thoroughly. Ask questions. Read articles. Check sources.

“If you do the work yourself you will be more invested in your own success. You will create more leverage for change. Lean on experts when you need to clarify and ask questions, but you absolutely must be self-motivated, self-directed, and confident. Accept you will make mistakes. Gaining wisdom through trial and error is an asset.”



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