First Week as a Vegetarian Recap

My goal with these updates is to be informative, helpful, and succinct as opposed to a rambling journal.

Reason for trying a Vegetarian lifestyle:

1.) I have been feeling more sensitive towards animals.

2.) It felt more intuitive.

3.) I want to be more informed on challenges potential clients and friends I consult with are facing as Vegetarians. 

4.) I want to see if I can improve my recovery between high volume workouts and decrease joint pain.

Positives of the week:

unnamed1.) I experienced elevated mood and energy levels when I focused on getting my carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.

2.) I get to try a ton of new recipes and experiment with spices.

3.) Bowel movements were frequent but predictable.

4.) I felt more eco friendly using less plastic when I shopped and creating less unnecessary waste. When I eat meat I use a lot of plastic bags to keep my meat from contaminating my fruits and vegetables with dangerous bacteria.

Helpful tip: grab brown bags before you go to the pr0duce section to place veggies with a high moisture content in. I know a lot of meat and bacteria collects on the conveyor belts and scanners at check out. 

Cons of the week:

1.) I was not prepared. I worked unexpected shifts and long 12hour shifts. I underestimated how much food I would need to pack for work.

2.) Without the solid meat and protein sources I lacked satiety most of the time and I had a two days where I did consume a great deal of wheat and sugar.

  3.) Consuming processed carbs left me feeling crappy and experiencing highs and lows in energy and constant irritation with my mood. unnamed2

4.) Buying all organic fruits and vegetables gets expensive and a lot of businesses I used to frequent I can no longer go. There is no passion or attention to detail for menu items that fit my needs. Hence this Gluten Free Bagel breakfast sandwich that was carelessly thrown in the microwave. A gourmet bagel shop actually sold this to me with a clear conscience.

Highlights and plans moving forward:

unnamed4My ecofriendly metal food storage containers have arrived! They are more expensive than plastic so I was not able to purchase very many which will change the way I prep my meals for the week.

I HAD NO IDEA HOW RIDICULOUSLY PASSIONATE AND INTENSE PEOPLE COULD BE ABOUT WHAT I’M EATING?!!! Holy moly! Most were curious and others were excited to dip into their arsenal of vegetarian jokes and a few questioned my ability to maintain strength gains without meat.

My plan moving forward is to consume more fat and animal products to increase satiety. I have a really busy life and I simply don’t have time to eat every 45min. I will go from really low fat and high carbohydrate to very high fat and low carbohydrate this week.

unnamed3This morning my breakfast contained 46g of FAT!!! 46 grams is a bit high for one meal and my digestive system let me know, but I could not take one more hour of starvation.

Black coffee with 2 Tbsp. Heavy Whipping Cream

3 Whole Organic Eggs

1/2c. mushrooms

1 Tbsp. Kerry Gold Unsalted Butter

1/2 Organic Avocado

1/2 Bell Pepper

 I’m excited! Evolving and adapting is all part of this 90 day process! Thanks for following and I welcome all your feedback, questions, and experience.

-Be Skillful



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