A semi-investigative post about acquiring protein supplements not packaged in plastic.

I have recently starting reducing my consumption of plastics which is quite challenging, but rewarding at the same time. It’s a personal decision. I care about the environment and I also want to see if I can enhance my overall energy levels with such a demanding schedule.

I spent 20min this morning surfing Amazon for a vegan protein that doesn’t come in a plastic container. I am also reducing my consumption of meats hence the search for plant based proteins, but I’ll blog about that in a separate post.

I thought non-plastic containers would be easier to find in plant based proteins. Not so!  My adventure took me to from my comfortable love seat shopping online, chillin’ with Snatch my pet cat to Natural Grocers.

No luck there but I did find a cardboard canister with a plastic lid, liquid laundry detergent in cardboard with a plastic lid, and a rad little metal reusable container (wrapped in plastic).

I did get a little excited about the metal container and made a side trip to the Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond where I impulsively bought four new coffee cups. In my defense two of them say ‘AWESOME.’


My final stop was at the Vitamin Shoppe. There was nothing. Absolutely nothing!!! Except a metal shaker cup…but with a plastic lid. Rats!



I really wanted my first blog post in a couple years to be more productive than this, but on the bright side I did drive all the way home with a big smile singing, “everything is awesome!”


1.) PaleoPro does package their protein in a paper bag lined with either wax or plastic, I’ll find out. It still has a plastic re-sealable strip. It isn’t super friendly for the budget nor is it plant based, but on this issue I’m willing to compromise for the sake of the environment and all the awesome creatures in it that can be harmed by the breakdown of plastics. Plus, whey doesn’t upset my gastrointestinal system as much as some plant and grain based proteins.



2.) TruProteins Clean 

3.) Raw Grass-fed Whey

None of these options are 100% plastic free but it’s a start.

The only other option I could think of is requesting a non-plastic storage container when ordering in bulk. I do intend on investigating this matter further and will need to make a few phone calls.

If you are also interested in reducing your consumption of plastics I found a great article and blog here.



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