Embracing Your Strength

Strength is a paradox. How many times have we stressed and stressed about getting a particular PR only to find when we remove the expectation from our mind does the goal come to fruition. Like magic. It was within us all along and we scan our brains trying to hold on to the moment celebrating in all its glory like an epic wave we paddled into, or dropping down a perfect line on a powder day. A moment so spectacular we are completely present and grounded. Our senses are alive. Every trouble in life big or small melts away and the beautiful soul shines through in all its authenticity.

These physically beautiful moments are also experienced on the mental, emotional, and spiritual plane. Striving for more of these holistic experiences lies not in striving, but embracing what’s already there and finding inner peace.

You don’t need to meditate for hours and hours to attain inner peace and enlightenment. You need only see, act, and feel from the heart.’ -Kung Fu Panda

On your journey you will face opposition. What others and sometimes yourself may view as weakness is often where you will find your strength. Life doesn’t come without struggle and accumulating some scars on the heart. The essence of the heart is love, peace, and kindness, but through the course of life we encounter people with domineering personalities; loud, obnoxious predators who sniff out traits of gentleness, peace, and kindness, and exploit those qualities as fragile, weak, and broken. This can have a dramatic impact on our sense of self worth to the point where we can lose confidence and get sucked into a cycle of self-defeat.

As a result, walls are often built around the heart for protection to avoid being hurt again. Sometimes we even put ourselves in the same types of situations around the same types of people fighting back in an effort to regain the personal power that was stripped of us during such invalidating contacts. Desperately leaving claw marks on the very thing we want nothing more than to let go of.IMG_1908

If we feel defeated and lost then how do we start to find inner peace? The first step is to cease fighting everything and everyone. A concept that’s very familiar in recovery communities. It’s the ego that thinks there’s something to be won, defended, and lost by holding on or fighting back. Why fight with an entity that lacks fundamental awareness anyway? They will arrive when they arrive. Just as you have. Realizing this and acknowledging your strength takes courage but dig deep and find it. You’re right where you need to be and embrace the experience with gratitude for the window into the past. A reminder of how much you’ve grown.

Align yourself with people, places, and things, which are safe and empowering to your authentic nature. It doesn’t happen overnight but it’s a journey I encourage you to begin or continue if you’re already on it. You don’t have to open up and be vulnerable but you can silently sense what feels good in your heart. Stick with it. The more you head down the road of inner peace the more the heart will open to the moments where time stands still and you feel the universe smiling with you.

images-2It’s not an easy road but it’s a wise one. You deserve to have more of these treasured experiences in your life. You are so incredibly worth it. More PR’s will come, joy will become more abundant, your relationships will become more authentic, balanced, and empowering, and your goals realized when you embrace love after you’ve been hurt.

 ‘The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.’ 

-Ernest Hemingway


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