Feng Shui your gym and embrace positive experiences

So what exactly is Feng Shui?

Feng means wind and Shui means water and it was developed in China around 3,000 years ago. It is based on the Taoist vision of understanding and nature. Everything has energy and vibrations and it’s a way to align spaces with the positive flow of energy.

Without hiring an expert that knows their way around a Bagua there are some simple things you can do to improve your gym.

1.) Where is your pull-up rig? When pull-up rigs are placed in the center of the gym it can divide the energy of the group. You have athletes on both sides and typically one coach trying to navigate and establish cohesive instruction in two different spaces. Sometimes space is an issue and I realize it isn’t always practical to move a big rig, but just off the wall can make a dramatic improvement in bringing up the energy of the group.

2.) Wood is also a very good thing to have in your gym. Aside from the obvious positive attributes of a weightlifting platform, wood is the fuel for fire. Fire is the element that drives us towards our training goals.

3.) How is your equipment storage? It seems obvious, but the less cluttered your equipment area is the better. It magically reduces stress.

Allow fresh air into your gym daily or as often as possible. Avoid clutter around the entrance. Are there plants, or stones in the foyer to welcome earthy positive energies? Keep the gym clean. Avoid perfumey scents. There is nothing worse than training next to someone, or in a gym that has very strong perfumey odors. If you’re into aromatherapy then introduce a diffuser with very grounding or healing scents like cedar wood, myrrh, and even eucalyptus. Not in the gym itself but in the foyer or perhaps the bathroom.

icon-29Pay attention to the energy of the members. If there is an emotional imbalance, frustration, or gossip then it may even be time to get out your sage and smudge the place to clear out negative energy. That is a whole other article hopefully I’ll get around to writing.

Small changes can make a big difference not only for your members and business, but for you as well. Create harmony in your gym.

-Be skillful

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